Vaccine Central

Vaccine Central is a blog designed for parents and anyone interested in obtaining accurate information about vaccines. While there is plenty of helpful information available on the internet, there are equal amounts of misleading or opinion based publications that attempt to sway public opinion in one way or another. Vaccine Central strives to provide information and links about relevant, fact-based resources to help individuals weed through misinformation, save time navigating through websites and receive the most up to date information about vaccine related issues.

“The purpose of this blog will be to present the best information available, and trying to stay clear of expressing too many opinions. Every entry will be chock full of links to the sources of my information, so the reader can judge for herself if my conclusions are warranted. The idea is to make information available to anyone interested, so we may all make our decisions based on the facts not the hype.

Join me in my journey of discovery. I hope it is a pleasant one for us all!”

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