November’s Featured Website: Every Child By Two

Every Child by Two (ECBT) Launches Nursing CE Webinar

In conjunction with the American Nurses Association, Every Child By Two is launching a project called Bringing Immunity to Every Community.  Every Child By Two’s role in this project is to provide nurses with a continuing education opportunity on the topic of immunizations. More information, including links to the online offering will be broadcast through another News Alert on November’s launch date. Join ECBT and watch your inbox for updates!

The purpose of the webinar is to address misconceptions that the nurse may have about vaccines and vaccine safety and to teach the nurse a method to address parent misconceptions.

Learning Objectives
At the conclusion of this enduring material online web course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss scientific findings regarding the safety of vaccines.
  • Outline systems in place to ensure ongoing safety of vaccines and adverse event reporting requirements.
  • Identify commonly expressed concerns over vaccine safety and appropriate responses to alleviate parental reluctance.
  • Discuss methods to eliminate spread of vaccine-preventable diseases, such as influenza and pertussis, including vaccination of adults and, in particular, healthcare workers.

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