Making the Case for Vaccine Safety: A new Model for Talking with Parents about Vaccines

Alison Singer, our VIC Network guest speaker from September’s webinar teams up with the Nurse Training and Immunization Project (NurseTIP) to share information on the CASE model!

Thursday December 9th 2010, 12-1pm ET

NurseTIP presents a live webcast, “Making the CASE for Vaccine Safety: A New Model for Communicating with Parents,” scheduled for December 9, 2010 from noon-1:00 pm Eastern time. The speaker is Alison Singer, MBA, founder and president of the Autism Science Foundation (ASF). This program will focus on the science of autism and the latest research regarding autism. It will also address barriers to communication, the top parental concerns regarding vaccines, and how to address these concerns using the CASE method.

Sponsored by Center for Public Health Continuing Education, U Albany School of Public Health, Albany, NY

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