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This month we’re highlighting Shot of Prevention! The blog continues to offer a fresh perspective on current issues, helpful links and great discussions. Check out their recent post, “Not so fast. It’s not that easy. Christine Vara ask whether the media frenzy around the Wakefield fraud will really help increase vaccine rates among hesitant parents. While acknowledge the significance of media attention, her critical perspective helps get at the broader issues affecting parents decisions to vaccinate their kids.  “Are [parents]vaccinating because they are told to,” Vara asks “or because they truly understand and believe in the benefits? Once we assist parents in understanding immunizations and the science behind them, then we may find that they will gladly roll up their sleeves and those of their children.”

Shot of Prevention is a community blog where individuals, parents, medical professionals and others can gather to discuss questions and current events regarding immunizations. Since its launch in 2009, Shot of Prevention has worked toward creating a resource where doctors,  parents and advocates can access good information through timely and credible articles, websites and resources about vaccines and vaccine safety.

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