Until There Are 26 Hours in a Day, There’s Twitter

I’ll admit it, I prefer facebook to twitter. I see the benefit of both sites but feel still feel restricted when using only 140 characters to convey a message. (This should come as no surprise given the essay length ramblings of our regular blog posts) But personal biases aside, the way we communicate and even interact on a daily basis is changing.

How many people still wake up with enough time to read the paper and have a cup of coffee before work? For most of us, mornings consist of hitting the snooze button one time too many, skipping breakfast, and trying to not spill coffee on our laptop while running to the bus/car/office/subway. However even though free time is becoming a rarity we’re still a generation that wants it all. We want time for a satisfying job, a close family, supportive friends, as well as time to stay informed and in touch with all that interests us, be it entertainment, fashion, healthcare or politics. It’s a careful and often delicate balance, but a balance nonetheless, and somehow we manage to make it work. And even though I tend to scoff at the acronyms and twitter-ese needed to condense an intelligent thought into 140 characters, the site helps us preserve this balance, stay informed, and in someway have it all.

Still not buying it? Not ready to make that the twitter plunge? Check out this post by Buffer, 5 Reasons Why Twitter is Awesome.

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