Speak Up! 2011 Virtual Immunization Symposium

Speak Up! The 2011 Virtual Immunization Symposium was originally broadcast on May 25, 2011. Health professionals and health communicators were invited to listen to and interact with nationally renowned speakers, advocates, coalition leaders and communicators.

The Virtual Immunization Symposium featured presentations which highlighted the importance of communicating effectively to expand the voice of your organization and issue, and was designed to motivate and encourage advocates to Speak Up for Immunizations and Public Health.

Individual Archived Sessions

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Speak Up Welcome Session and Keynote Address

Welcome: The Importance of Effective Vaccine Communication

Featuring Kristine Sheedy, Ph.D. Associate Director for Communication Science at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Keynote: Storytelling: The First Big Thing Ever

Featuring Andy Goodman, communication specialist and trainer focusing in helping non-profit organizations and government agencies to communicate more effectively. In Storytelling: The First Big Thing, Andy Goodman will explain why he believes storytelling remains the single most powerful communication tool you possess, and he will offer specific ways your organization can use stories to advance your mission.

Listen and View Welcome Session and Keynote Address

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Speak Up Breakout Session 1: Techno Moms and Dr. Blogs

Featuring Wendy Sue Swanson, MD and Christine Vara

The most important decisions affecting a child’s health rely on the choices parents make. This session will help attendees understand how today’s parents are accessing information, where and who they are receiving their information from, and how understanding this emerging online community helps organizations promote effective immunization messaging.

Listen and View Techno Moms and Dr. Blogs

Download Techno Moms and Dr. Blogs Presentation Slides

Speak Up Learning Lab 1: Making a Flyer Fly

Featuring Peter Mitchell

We have all seen flyers with too much text, conflicting colors and confusing messaging — and not just in public health. This session would go over the basics of developing a flyer/brochure (from fonts to focus-group testing) which will be very practical for health educators, providers and others who develop materials for their audiences. The new media component of the learning lab will show how to “go viral” with your flyer Online and provide tips on dissemination.

Listen and View Making a Flyer Fly

Download Making a Flyer Fly Presentation Slides

Speak Up Breakout Session 2: Collaborations and Communication

Featuring Debbie McCune Davis

Listeners will learn about strategies Coalitions can use to build partnerships with traditional and non-traditional stakeholders to get messages heard.

Listen and View Collaborations and Communication

Download Collaborations and Communication Presentation Slides

Speak Up Learning lab 2: Media Outreach

Featuring Kerry Shearer

Changes in journalism mean that news releases and news conferences are no longer as effective as they once were. Learn how to expand your outreach efforts, broaden your relationships with reporters and effectively deliver information directly to your community using social media.

Listen and View Media Outreach

Download Media Outreach Presentation Slides

Speak Up Moderated Panel Session

Featuring Paul Offit, MD and Seth Mnookin

Ken August will moderate a panel discussion featuring Paul A. Offit, MD and Seth Mnookin.Sharing unique perspectives, education, and experience Offit, Mnookin will engage in dialogue about the impact of recent events (Lancet retraction, omnibus decision, recent disease outbreaks, etc) on the public’s perception and the media attention on vaccines.

Listen and View Moderated Panel Session

Download Moderated Panel Discussion Slides

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