August is National Immunization Awareness Month

National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM) is here and a great opportunity to connect with the public and the media to promote back to school immunizations and start the influenza vaccination messaging.  The VICNetwork team is tuning into all kinds of great media stories about new vaccination requirements for middle school students, efforts to promote meningitis vaccination recommendations for toddlers and universal influenza vaccination promotion.

For me, Twitter (@VICNetwork and @ImmunizeCA) and Facebook, along with Google news are convenient ways to keep up with the latest news – how do you stay connected and up to date on the latest information?  We’d appreciate hearing your tips and tricks for staying up to date and/or one step ahead of the news.

A NIAM toolkit can be found at under  August Health Observances  with sample media, newsletter or listserv announcements, along with tweets, e-cards and web badges.  Ready to go – check it out.

Our usual VICNetwork blogger and webmaster Nicoletta Rousseva is on assignment in Croatia this summer (lucky gal – a fellowship in Serbian art) so I’m taking over for a few weeks – lucky me! CM

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