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Thanks to L.J. Tan for a great presentation: What’s New With Flu? Info for Health Care Professionals and thanks to all that participated. A link to download the slides from the presentation and a link to view the recording will be available by Friday, September 23rd.

What’s New With The Flu” featured Litjen (L.J.) Tan, M.S., PhD., Director, Medicine and Public Health, American Medical Association, Co-Chair National Influenza Vaccine Summit.

This webinar summarized the previous influenza season and assisted public health communicators and healthcare professionals with understanding their important role in promoting influenza vaccination during the 2011-12 season.

Dr. Tan discussed the importance of healthcare professionals getting immunized to prevent influenza, as a matter of self protection and patient safety.

Featured Speaker:

 Litjen (LJ) Tan,MS, PhD, Director, Medicine and Public Health American Medical Association, Co-Chair, National Influenza Vaccine Summit

Dr. Tan is a PhD in medical science and specializes in medical and public health policy pertaining to infectious diseases (eg, immunizations, emerging infections, antimicrobial resistance). He is the Director of the American Medical Association’s Division of Medicine and Public Health whose mission is the complete integration of the disciplines of medicine and public health into a collaborative structure that supports primary, secondary and tertiary prevention and wellness across the lifespan. Nationally recognized for his passion in infectious disease and public health advocacy, for organizing innovative summits to address important public health policy needs with respect to immunizations and infectious diseases, and for dynamic presentations within these fields.

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