Webinar: HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention… So what’s the hold up? – Tues., Jan 28 – 2pm ET / 11am PT

Webinar: HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention…
So what’s the hold up?

 Tuesday, January 28, 2014

11:00 am – 12:00 noon Pacific / 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm Eastern

Stagnant HPV vaccination rates are leaving another cohort of boys and girls vulnerable to devastating HPV cancers. Vaccination could prevent most of these cancers. Provided in this presentation is up-to-date information on HPV infection, HPV-related disease and HPV cancers. HPV vaccine information and recommendations are also reviewed. The presentation also provides evidence-based suggestions for successful HPV vaccine communication, as well as the current HPV vaccine communication resources available from CDC.


  • Describe the burden of HPV infection and related disease
  • Provide information about HPV vaccination, including recommendations, safety, and impact
  • Share and employ best practices for HPV vaccine communication and strong recommendations
  • Utilize CDC’s HPV vaccine communication products and messages

Dr. Anne Schuchat and Jill Roark will discuss “the perfect storm” of issues surrounding the HPV vaccine that have led to its underutilization. Communications research with parents and providers will shed light on the opportunities to improve uptake. Practical tips for strongly recommending the vaccine will be discussed, along with resources to help parents accept the recommendation for same-day vaccination.



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