Webinar – August 17, 2018 – Effectively Recommending Vaccines Across the Lifespan

Thank you for joining us on August 17th for 

National Immunization Awareness Month:  Effectively

Recommending Vaccines  Across the Lifespan

Thank you for attending our August webinar, part of the PreteenVaxScene series, National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM) 2018: Effectively Recommending Vaccines Across the Lifespan. In honor of NIAM 2018, this month’s webinar and its speakers highlight the importance of an effective clinician recommendation as the most powerful predictor of vaccination.This webinar is now available for viewing along with slides under Archived Webinars.

Quick recap:

Dr. Jeffrey Moore from the Marshfield Clinic Merrill Center in Merrill, Wisconsin shared the importance of clinicians taking the time to address questions, using a positive communicative tone, and providing substantial information and resources when discussing vaccines with patients. Dr. John Merrill-Steskal from University of Washington and Kittitas Valley Healthcare discussed the potential pitfalls clinicians can face when discussing vaccinations with their patients and the importance of using a team approach in a clinic setting for providing a consistent message around vaccinations and the importance of providing on-going educational opportunities for staff to create and nurture a pro-vaccine culture within the clinic. Additionally, Ian Branam of the CDC shared valuable interactive resources available to clinicians to help them educate patients about vaccinations, create a culture of immunization within practices, and make effective vaccine recommendations.


By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Learn effective strategies for recommending vaccines for patients of all ages
  • Find tips for addressing common questions and/or concerns about vaccines
  • Identify strategies to ensure the whole office is communicating consistently about vaccines to all patients

Featured Speakers:  

  • Dr. John Merrill-Steskall, MD, FAAFP, Kittitas Valley Healthcare and Clinical Instructor for the University of Washington
  • Dr. Jeffrey Moore, MD, Primary Care Physician, Marshfield Clinic Merrill Center, Merrill, Wisconsin
  • Ian Branam, MA, Health Communication Specialist, National Center for Immunizations and Respiratory Diseases, CDC
  • Catherine Martin, California Immunization Coalition
  • Thomas Schafer, National Public Health Information Coalition

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