Program for Readability in Science and Medicine (PRISM)

Group Health Research Institute announces new e-courses on plain language in health. Check out the following link for resources and workshops designed to help make sense of often confusing medical terms to better understand how to keep yourself your family healthy.

PRISM Tool Kit and Resources

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Social Media Management Systems (SMMS)

Managing several social media accounts and toggling between platforms can be time consuming and often confusing. Luckily, many Social Media Management Systems (SMMS) are availabe to users, usually free of charge to help streamline social media marketing by offering access to different platforms through one tool. SMMS allow users to publish content, schedule annoucements and messages, and offer analitical tools supplimentry to those already available through Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.  The list below highlights a few of our favorites, for a more detailed list as well as tips and innovative ways to get the most out of social media visit please visit social media strategist Jeremiah Owyang’s blog.

Social Talk allows users to manage facebook, twitter, and WordPress accounts. Supports multi-media posts and multiple languages, offers scheduling for posts and sends notifactions to stakeholders about published material. Features simple analitics tool which allows users to track frequent commenters, users and responses.

Hoot Suite allows users to manage facebook, twitter and other social media platforms. Offers scheduling feature and allows mulitiple contributers to share comments and access social media platforms without sharing passwords. Tracks mentions of your brand or organization and offers click through statistics on page visits and invidual posts.

Keen Kong focuses on analitics. This tool gathers information about an organization or a specific topic to help indiviudals stay on top of breaking news and in touch with the conversation.

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Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report

This helpful and in depth study depicting how, why, and the type nonprofit organizations  that use social media provides information on insights and trends surrounding social networking technology.
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